Anne enlightens us on composite bonding techniques, and lip volumising procedures

03 September 2020


Composite bonding techniques or ‘etch bonding’ as it is commonly referred to, is a popular cosmetic treatment used to restore teeth or to build a better tooth structure. A tooth coloured resin material is bonded to the existing tooth to reshape it or improve the colour. The tooth is then polished. The treatment is very conservative and can last many years. It is also possible to close large gaps between teeth and restore badly broken-down teeth. In cosmetic cases, it is a completely pain-free procedure and no anaesthetic is required. Spires Oral Care can also provide composite bonding to damaged and discoloured teeth due to fluorosis, especially teeth with white marks on the surface. We remove the blemish, usually without anaesthetic; as the discolouration is normally very superficial, and we restore the tooth so that it appears natural.


A lot of patients attend Spires Dermal Care with concerns that their lips have become thinner over time and complain that they have lost their ‘cupid’s bow’. They also comment on their downturned smile and that they look sad. Unfortunately, our features do change over time and the aging process has a large part to play in this. The ligaments become lax around the mouth and lead to drooping of the corners of the mouth, a thinning of the vermilion border and flattening of the cupid’s bow. Fine wrinkles appear around the mouth in our early 40s; deepening as time goes on. The good news for these patients is that we can volumise the lips and define the margins using dermal filler. This, in turn, helps the reduce the fine lines in the area and exaggerate the cupid’s bow. It may even have an effect on the appearance of the corners of the mouth; although this area may need to be treated separately to produce the best results.