Over 40’s procedures

15 February 2020

Dr Anne Gormley from Spires Dermal Clinic talks about procedures for the over 40s.

What procedures are most popular with your clients over 40?

Facial aesthetics becomes all the more relevant around the age of 40. The main reason for this is that there is an acceleration in the resorption of the bony skeleton alongside a reduction of the collagen in the skin. Anti-aging treatments using dermal fillers help to prevent the degradation of the collagen using ‘turbo-charged’ hyaluronic acid (HA), thus slowing down the aging process. The fillers volumise the area, filling in the wrinkles and improving the profile of the cheeks and chin. At 40, the lips appear thinner and more elongated resulting in the downturned smile. Dermal fillers are injected to support the corners of the mouth and to fill out and define the lips. Anti-wrinkle treatments work by paralysing the muscles in the forehead, between the eyes and around the lateral borders of the eyes. These treatments are fully reversible and although they may, in time, weaken the muscles they do not slow down aging.

What advice would you give to someone considering a procedure?

My main advice to someone who is considering treatment is to take some time to decide what bothers them and what will be the best long-term treatment to alleviate or reduce their concerns. It is important that they choose a clinician who carries out a face-to-face consultation which includes a comprehensive medical history in addition, considerable time should be spent on the first visit highlighting areas for improvement. The clinician should ultimately outline a treatment plan, explain the procedure and how long it will last, the costs involved and any possible short or long- term complications. It is imperative that there is a high level of cleanliness. First-hand recommendations are usually the best way to choose your clinician. Some clinicians prefer a more natural approach while others like to enhance the features, so it is also useful to see post-operative photos.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I probably enjoy the dermal filler treatments more as they help to slow down the aging process. Changes occur immediately which allows the client to give their opinion on the result. This feedback usually leads to better patient satisfaction. It gives me great job satisfaction to see my clients leaving with renewed confidence and a fresh complexion.

Do you have a question for Dr Anne?
If you have a question about any aspect of facial aesthetics, contact Dr Anne Gormley via email reception@spiresoralcare.com