Prepared for “The Big Day” at Spires Oral & Dermal Care

02 July 2021

Tooth Whitening

This is no doubt that there has been an increased uptake in tooth whitening treatments, especially amongst younger males. The influences appear to have come from America and also from our celebrities as smiles seem to be getting brighter. Most definitely “the zoom effect” has also played its part in convincing patients that they need to lighten their teeth.  Here, at Spires Oral and Dermal Care, we are happy to carry out this treatment and it can be completed within a month. The treatment has a particular appeal to those couples planning for their weddings and students wanting to look their best on their Graduation Day.

Prepared for “The Big Day”

Conor arrived at Spires Oral & Dermal Care keen to have his teeth whitened for his wedding at the beginning of July. Impressions were taken for bleaching trays and a week later Conor was given the trays and shown how to use the bleaching gel. In this case, Dr Anne recommended 10% carbamide peroxide to be placed in the tray and worn for 4 hours per night.  The treatment requires 3 weeks for the top and 3 weeks for the bottom. Conor was absolutely delighted with the out-come and so was his bride-to-be, Marianne.

Have a look at what Connor had to say about his treatment here Facebook