Rejuvenate your skin with Dr Anne at Spires Oral & Dermal Care

03 June 2021


The definition of rejuvenating is “to restore a youthful appearance,” This is the holy grail of life. We all want to stay young. As a clinician in facial aesthetics, it is vital that I understand how the face ages. Once I know what happens during the ageing- process I can then counter the stages by replacing volume in precisely the areas that have become depleted. My favourite areas to treat @ Spires Oral & Dermal Care are the cheeks and the chin as dermal fillers in those areas help to support the face and create a solid foundation on which to build other treatments such as lip fillers. Less is more and the idea of these treatments is not to overfill the features or create heaviness in the wrong areas. It is important that the results produce subtle changes to the features of the face restoring a fresher look. Ultimately, it is about making you feel the best version of yourself.


At Spires Oral & Dermal Care, we take a holistic approach to skincare and move through the decades with a range of treatments to suit all ages and skin types. We support our teenagers through their acne filled years with our Clenziderm Obagi range and throughout our twenties, we introduce injectable moisturisers and skin boosters in the form of Profhilo and Revive. The next decade sees the addition of non-surgical facial aesthetics treatments which treat the fine lines and wrinkles and finally we introduce dermal fillers to replace lost volume in the cheeks, chin and lips. It is a journey in which I co-diagnose with the patient at a pace that suits them to achieve beautifully natural results. 


Kelly arrived at Spires Oral & Dermal Care apprehensive but excited to see the possibilities that could be achieved with non-surgical facial aesthetic treatments. She was open-minded to whichever treatment I felt was appropriate for her age and skin type. Kelly was keen to have a natural result, one that made her feel better about herself but subtle so that it was not very obvious to friends and family. We discussed what bothered her and outlined a variety of treatments that were suitable for her and finally set a programme to carry out each stage. She has decided to have dermal fillers placed in her cheeks and chin initially followed by treatment to volumise the lips. Then she would like to treat the fine lines around the eyes and forehead and finally, she wants to start a maintenance programme using injectable moisturisers every six months to hydrate and boost the skin.

Have a look at what Kelly said about her treatment here Dr Anne Gormley (@spiresoralanddermalcare) • Instagram photos and videos