Introducing our new ‘Aesthetic Hub’

20 October 2021

Spires Oral & Dermal Care are introducing their new “Aesthetic Hub”, which specializes in treatments that enhance the features of the face and teeth. The emphasis is on producing natural results that improve our patients’ self-esteem, giving them lots of reasons to smile.

Some of the non-surgical facial aesthetic treatments include softening fine lines and wrinkles, injectable moisturizers, dermal fillers and volumizing cheeks and lips. The cosmetic dental treatments include aligning the teeth with Invisalign, tooth whitening and composite veneers/bonding alongside implants, crown /bridge work and white fillings.

The Itero scanner sits pride of place in the newly refurbished “Hub”. All the equipment is state of the art and brings Spire Oral and Dermal Care to the forefront of the new cosmetic wave demanded by society.

Have a look at our hub Dr Anne Gormley (@spiresoralanddermalcare) • Instagram photos and videos