Using facial aesthetics to complement cosmetic dentistry at Spires Oral & Dermal Care

10 January 2020

Dr Anne Gormley explains how she uses her skills as a dentist to compliment her work as an aesthetics practitioner

How do the two disciplines (dentistry and aesthetics) complement each other?

The discipline of Dentistry and Facial Aesthetics are so complementary to each other. As a dentist, I understand the ‘golden proportions of the face. I look very closely at the symmetry of the teeth and the lips. With the extension of my expertise into facial aesthetics, I am now equally aware of the profile of the cheeks and chin, and the dimensions of the upper, middle, and lower face. In my mind, the teeth are the picture, and the face is the frame. Using this model, I believe subtle facial aesthetic treatments can bring about significant improvements, which ultimately make us feel good about ourselves.

As an aesthetics practitioner, what is your main goal when you are treating a patient?

My main goal when I am treating a patient is to listen to their concerns. It is vitally important that they feel in control of the situation. I will guide them through the process, and give realistic expectations of what can be achieved, and over what time-frame. I hope over many years and ongoing treatments to slow down the aging process, helping patients to retain a fresh complexion, in keeping with their age. It is vital to treat the face as a whole. The results will not be convincing if the forehead has a frozen appearance alongside saggy jowls and sunken cheeks.

What should someone look for when choosing an aesthetics practitioner?

When someone is looking for a facial aesthetic practitioner they must look closely at their qualifications and clinical experience. It is vital that the clinician is approachable, and that ultimately, they can be trusted. As the procedures involve needles and may cause bleeding, I feel that a sterile environment is preferable. You would hope that the chosen practitioner is qualified to prescribe and administer any necessary emergency drugs. Pre and post-operative photographs will show the type of result achieved in the hands of a particular practitioner. Finally, it is essential that a practitioner offers a face to face consultation, including a comprehensive medical

Do you have a question for Dr Anne?

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