Where science meets art – Volumising Lip Filler

26 April 2021

Dr Anne gives a real insight into lip fillers…

When I tell people that I do lip fillers their first reaction is to make a joke about over-inflated lips whilst puckering up their own lips. I then spend the next ten minutes trying to convince them that my most rewarding cases are those that involve asymmetrical lips or thinning lips in older patients. The treatment of lips is where science meets art and a pleasing result is most definitely in the eye of the beholder. My job as a clinician is to work out what the patient really wants. Usually, the result will reduce perioral wrinkles, outline the border of the lips and emphasise the Cupid’s Bow. In addition, the dermal filler will help to plump up the body which can, in turn, helps to upturn the corners of the mouth.

In my opinion, the most flattering results are natural and subtle and generally involve replacing the lost volume caused by aging. It is vital to ensure that the lips are in proportion to the rest of the face and do not dominate. In my experience, it is important to remember that the needs of a 25- year- old patient differ hugely from those of a 49- year -old.

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