Anti-Wrinkle Injectable’s

Anti-Wrinkle Injectable’s

Anti- Wrinkle injectables are the most effective way to prevent the formation of static wrinkles.  Our injectables will temporarily block nerve signals in the muscles restricting their movement and treating expression lines.  The facial muscles relax resulting in smoother, softer and more natural skin.

The practitioner studies your facial musculature and administers the right amount of product for you to produce the most natural and subtle of results. The most common areas to administer the anti wrinkle injectables are in the forehead region, between the eyebrows, and at the corner of the eyes.

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Procedure Time

45 minutes


Est. 2 hours

Full Recovery

Est. 24 hours

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We believe in being completely open. Here’s what our clients’ have to say.

  • “Anne was so gentle during my appointment, and explained everything before carrying out treatment.  I will definitely return to Anne, and would fully recommend her to friends and family”

  • “Anne is very good at what she does,  my friends and family say I look fresher.  I am very pleased with the results.”

  • “I feel much more confident since I went to Anne for treatment, I did not like my ‘down turned smile’ and felt my eyes  looked tired all the time.  Anne said she was going to turn back time by 5 – 10 years , and she did.”


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