Fluorosis & Children’s Dentistry

29 September 2021

Dental Fluorosis is a cosmetic condition that does not affect the health of your teeth. It is caused by consuming too much fluoride while the ‘adult’ teeth are being formed. This means Fluorosis generally only occurs between the ages of 3 months to 8 years old. Once the teeth have broken through the gums you cannot develop fluorosis.


This condition is shown by faint white/brown lines or discolouration spots on the enamel of the tooth or the tooth surface. In most cases, Fluorosis is unnoticeable, with tiny white specks or streaks on the surface of affected teeth. However, in more severe cases of Fluorosis the teeth can become extremely discoloured, uneven and rough.

Treatment is very simple & involves removing the staining & replacing it with a natural looking filling

If your kids experience Fluorosis contact Spires today to find out how it can be treated