Prevent That Sports Injury

02 September 2021

custom shaped gumshield

One of a parent’s greatest dreads is that their child will have an accident and damage their front teeth. It happens very regularly that a child will fall off their bike, or get hit while playing sport resulting in a broken tooth, or in the worst-case scenario that the tooth will come out whole. Obviously, when this happens, the parent will want to contact their dentist for immediate advice and ultimately treatment to restore their smile. Dr Anne at Spires Oral and Dermal Care is at the end of the phone to offer just that.

Outlined below are some tips to avoid damage to the teeth and also some advice in the event that a tooth comes out whole. Firstly, it is paramount to get a customised gum shield for all contact sport and to wear a helmet in those sports that encourage you to do so.

If the tooth comes out whole;

  • Do not touch the root
  • Rinse with saline to remove dirt, debris or mud
  • Either place back into socket, into the cheek (if age permits) or place in milk or saline
  • Contact your dentist and try to get emergency treatment carried out within 90 minutes.



custom shaped gumshield