Anne talks about aligning teeth, and the rejuvenation procedures we have available for men

03 September 2020


Is there any way I can straighten my teeth; I don’t want to wear braces at my age?

My answer is yes! We can offer computer-generated Invisalign aligners which can be prescribed, and are changed weekly. The treatment can be completed within six months in cases of mild crowding. Once the assessment has been carried out and the consent given, the clinician will add attachments to the relevant teeth and if necessary, carry out the interproximal reduction (IPR) of the teeth and fit the aligners. It is a very popular treatment at Spires Oral Care and we provide both Invisalign GO & IAS Orthodontics.



Are there treatments available for men?

The first signs of ageing are usually fine lines around the eyes and between the eyebrows. In general, the wrinkles are more pronounced in males due to their stronger musculature. Lines on the forehead are more obvious if there is a receding hairline. The main reason for non-surgical facial aesthetics is the appearance of youth. Traditionally, men did not attend clinics for non-surgical facial aesthetic treatments but recently in the world of “selfies” they are becoming more aware of their appearance and are wanting to ‘turn back the clock.’ It is vital for the clinician to understand the differences in the features of a male and female face as it is very important to address the patient’s concerns. Neuromuscular toxins are the treatment of choice for the upper face, while dermal fillers are used more commonly in the mid and lower face. The types of treatment are comparable in both men and woman; however the doses and quantities may vary from case to case.

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