The Services We Offer

29 January 2021

Here at Spires Oral & Dermal Care our spectrum of services range from general dental treatments to hygiene therapy, facial aesthetics, cosmetic dentistry and implant surgery. Take a closer look at our range of services

Cosmetic Dentistry


Invisible aligners that improve minimal crowding.

Teeth whitening
Lightening the colour of the natural teeth without damaging the enamel or surface of the tooth.

Composite Bonding
Versatile treatments are used to close gaps in the teeth or change the appearance of our smile.

Facial Aesthetics

Rejuvenation Skin/Anti-aging Treatments
Targets wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows and around the corners of the eyes.

Regenerate the youthfulness of your skin

Dermal Fillers for Cheeks & Chin
Improving the contours of the face resulting in a fresher complexion.

Volumising Lip Filler
Tailored to redefine the margins of the lips and to enhance their shape.


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